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Everyone, we have many items to update you on--it has been a busy couple weeks.  First the Invitation Phase of the 2015 PFUFA Draft has started.  Below are the draftees that will be invited to the 2015 Annual PFUFA Reunion as Potential Veterans.  Congratulations to all, and good luck in August.  (more...)


Second, we are currently taking nominations for the 3rd Annual "Golden Hog" Award.  In 2013, and in tribute to the Hogettes very distinguished careers as philanthropists, the PFUFA Board of Directors created the “Golden Hog” Award.   (more...)


Lastly, as we gear up for this year's reunion, the VIP Raffle continues and many items have been added to the PFUFA Store.  Please be sure to login and check out the store.  (more...)


Issues, please email:

  • 2015-01 - Wildcard Weekend

    PFUFA during Wildcard Weekend


    Donald Vess (Cowboy Warrior) [Class of 2014] and Ron Crachiola (Crackman) [Class of 2001] enjoy a great day for football at ATT Stadium (Jerry's World).  It was a great game.  However, it was a tough ending, and even a tougher hug to watch.

  • 2015-03 - Ding A Ling and Capt D

    PFUFA in the 2015 Off Season


    James Sabado (Jimbo) aka Ding-A-Ling [Class of 2013] visited Baltimore and ran into Wes Henson (Captain Dee) [Class of 2002].  He also met up with Cindy Ricci (Purple Dame) and Dave for dinner.  March in Baltimore is not the best weather.  Stay warm.

  • 2015-03 - Rick Steele and Shaun Young

    PFUFA in the 2015 Off Season


    Rick Steele [Class of 2013] and Shaun Young [Class of 2009] had lunch together recently. It is great to see members connecting with each other in the Off Season and showing those coins. However, where would you meet a Packer fan for a meal?  Of course the CHEESE Cake Factory.

  • 2015-03 - Tim Young in San Diego

    PFUFA in the 2015 Off Season


    Tim Young (The Captain) [2003] visited San Diego recently and hung out with Rafael Alvarez (Bolt Pride) [2013] and Josh Casillas (Bolt Pride Josh) [2014]. They tailgated on Coronado Island with awesome friends, incredible food, great family, and sunset. We hear that hot sauce could sink a ship!


Jason Carlson (Bear Down J) was inducted into PFUFA in 2004 and was honored by the "Visa Hall of Fans" as the Chicago Bears ultimate fan in 2003, and was the "inaugural member" into our Ring of Honor in 2008.


Jason has been a Bears fan since birth--literally--he was born during the 100th game between the Bears and the Packers, although the Bears lost that game 28-27.  During his life, Bear Down J fought Childhood Diabetes, dealt with multiple organ transplants, and supported his Bears every day.  Always smiling and never despondent, (...more)

The one question that is asked more than any other  is, “How can I join your organization?


Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association (PFUFA)  does not accept 'volunteers.’  Our organization was founded by fans that were chosen and inducted into the Visa “Hall of Fans” in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Since then, we have set ourselves apart from other fan organizations by limiting our membership.  In 2007, the we decided to change the By-Laws of our organization and the PFUFA Draft was established.  The Inaugural PFUFA Draft was held (...more)

PFUFA Reunion




The INVITATION Phase has begun.  Each Draftee that received enough votes to receive an invitation to this year's reunion has been changed to Potential Veteran status.


All Potential Veterans have received their notifications and are making plans to attend this year's Annual PFUFA Reunion.


Good luck to all the PV's.  See you in Canton.

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