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Congratulations to Peyton Manning, Von Miller, and the Denver Broncos on winning SB50.  The Sheriff will probably now ride into the sunset.  The end of an era (tear shed).  Congratulations to our Broncos members!!  You get the Trophy at Canton.  Let's see that thing carried every where.


To our Panthers members, I will pass on to you what Ron Rivera stated after the game, "I told my team, this is the same team that lost in New York a couple years ago and now look at them."  You will be back.'s on to Canton!!!  Everyone needs to start their preparations.  However, be sure to Pay Your Dues BEFORE you purchase any Reunion Items in the Store.  Also, the PFUFA Draft Application Phase has closed and now we are on to the Review Phase.  Make sure you help your Draftee in the process.


Issues, please email:

  • 2016-04-25 - Pro Bowl

    PFUFA in the Off Season


    A-LOOOOO-HA!!  Pamela Scott (Black Barbie Raider) [Class of 2015] and Edward Gifford [Class of 2000] soak up the rays in beautiful Hawaii for the 2016 Pro Bowl and, of course, they brought their coins!  Oahu has to be a Bucket List destination for just about everyone.  Great pic.  Mahalo!!

  • 2016-04-10 - Crack Skiing

    PFUFA in the Off Season


    It's a beautiful day on the mountain, and Ron Crachiola (Crackman) [Class of 2001] is enjoying some skiing in Big White.  You might not think the big man is as nimble as the younger crowd, but just so you know, he can hold his own with any Snow Bunny.  Great pic.

  • 2015-11-01 - Blarney Stone

    PFUFA in the 2015 NFL Season


    "Aye, and the Luck of the Irish shall be upon you!" Joanie DeKoker (Best Bills Fan) [Class of 2003] has taken one of the BEST Coin Shot to date!! Kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland, and she brought her coin!! How cool is that!?!?! For those that don't know, it is at the top of Blarney Castle and you lean back over the side of the battements. Thank you, Joanie for an awesome shot!!

  • 2015-12-28 - Hands Across NFL

    PFUFA in the 2015 NFL Season


    "Hands across the NFL."  The Bengal Bomb crew (Big John, Ace Raison, Fireman Andy, Boss B and Jungle Judy) at Kenton County Golf Course raising money to build a playground at Children's Hospital.  Great shot, guys!

  • 2016-05-07 - Scuba Bernie

    PFUFA in the Off Season


    I thought the Blarney Stone from Joanie would be hard to beat, but Paul Gates (BernieHawk) [Class of 2008] may have done it. While in Roatan, Honduras at a depth of about 60 feet, Bernie get one of the best Coin Shots to date!! Now, this is what were talking about!!  Great shot, Bernie!!  Way to go.

  • 2016-04-28 - Draft

    PFUFA in the Off Season


    PFUFA is in Chicago for the NFL Draft!!  And braving the rain and cold is Josh Casillas (Bolt Pride Josh) [Class of 2014], Paul Zywicki [Class of 2009], Ed Gifford [Class of 2000], Steve Tate (the Owner) [Class of 2009], and Ron Crachiola (Crack) [Class of 2001].  Great job everyone.

  • 2016-03-28 - Stay in Oakland

    PFUFA in the Off Season


    Ray Perez (Dr.Death) [Class of 2014] and Herman Eagleton (Ol' Skool) [Class of 2015] show their support of the Oakland Raiders and our organization. Our members are normally at the forefront of supporting teams and communities. Way to represent, Ray and Herm!


Tim McKernan (Barrel Man) was a member of the inaugural Class of 1999 of our organization, was honored by the "Visa Hall of Fans" as the Denver Broncos Ultimate Fan in January 1999, and was inducted into the Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association "Ring of Honor" in 2009.


In all types of weather for thirty years, Tim McKernan attended every home game (minus four games) at both Mile High Stadium and INVESCO Field at Mile High wearing nothing but an orange barrel that (...more)

The one question that is asked more than any other  is, “How can I join your organization?


Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association (PFUFA)  does not accept 'volunteers.’  Our organization was founded by fans that were chosen and inducted into the Visa “Hall of Fans” in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Since then, we have set ourselves apart from other fan organizations by limiting our membership.  In 2007, the we decided to change the By-Laws of our organization and the PFUFA Draft was established.  The Inaugural PFUFA Draft was held (...more)

PFUFA Reunion





The REVIEW Phase has begun.


All draft applications will now be reviewed, all draftees will be interviewed, and a vote of the Membership Committee will take place per our By Laws.


If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our Membership Officer, Steve Tate (

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