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Welcome to PFUFA 4.0.  We are still under some construction, so please ignore our dust, but feel free to look around.  We will be turning on new features weekly, so come back often to see what's new.


We have keep the overall look and feel of our previous site, but have made some adjustments.  We received many compliments on our old site (mostly notably from the National Football League) and our goal was to keep the good and enhance were needed.  Here are a few adjustments.


You will notice that the MAIN MENU has been move to the top under the Banner, for easier navigation of the site.  Notice the LOGIN area has been moved to make it easier to find.  We have added our Facebook, Twitter, and LIKE links to the frontpage, and gave the overall site a cleaner look. (...more)


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  • 2014-02 Big John RamMan WhoDey

    PFUFA in the 2014 Off Season


    Gene Simmons aka John Robinson (Big John) [Class of 2011], Karl Sides (Ram Man) [Class of 2004], and Shawn Moore (Who Dey Baby) [Class of 2003] enjoy Boogie Nights at the Hollywood Casino.  And, yes, Who Dey Baby forgot his coin.  Poor Shawn, lost without his coin and makeup...

  • 2014-06 Historian and Burnt River

    PFUFA in the 2014 Off Season


    Happy Father's Day from Michigan International Speedway! Justin Hostutler (J The Historian) [Class of 2013] celebrates with his dad, Bob Hostutler (Burnt River Bob) [Class of 2012], on NASCAR Weekend.  Wave those coins...

  • 2014-06 Jay and Crack

    PFUFA in the 2014 Off Season


    Jay Negin (Old Man) [Class of 2009] and Ron Crachiola (Crackman) [Class of 2001] take in a Tigers vs. Indians game at Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH.  Great to see those coins.

  • 2014-07 Mark Mullins

    PFUFA in the 2014 Off Season


    Mark Mullins (the Pilgrim) [Class of 2004] takes time from friends and family on the 4th of July, to show his Lions and PFUFA pride on Lake Ponemah in Fenton, MI.  "Coin...on the water..."


Jason Carlson (Bear Down J) was inducted into PFUFA in 2004 and was honored by the "Visa Hall of Fans" as the Chicago Bears ultimate fan in 2003, and was the "inaugural member" into our Ring of Honor in 2008.


Jason has been a Bears fan since birth--literally--he was born during the 100th game between the Bears and the Packers, although the Bears lost that game 28-27.  During his life, Bear Down J fought Childhood Diabetes, dealt with multiple organ transplants, and supported his Bears every day.  Always smiling and never despondent, (...more)

An Open Letter


This is an open letter to all current PFUFA members, past PFUFA members who have let their status lapse to inactive, all Visa “Hall of Fan” winners, and anyone that has been issued a Draft Card.


As most of you know, PFUFA was formed in 1999.  Since then, Monte Short (our founder), Jerry Vecchia, Ron Rickard, Jeff Pintea, Danny Dillman, Candice Chifici and I have led this organization as President.  Over the years, this organization has made many improvements. Changing our By-Laws and implementing the PFUFA Draft is just one example.  This website and the complete ‘overhaul’ of the 2009 Reunion schedule are others.  Additionally, we are building a stronger  (....more)

PFUFA Reunion


The 8th Annual PFUFA Draft will be opening soon.


Members, if you do not have your draft cards, please contact the Membership Officer, Steve Tate (his email is


Remember, we are looking for the best possible candidates.  The Application Phase of the draft will open on September 4, 2014.  The deadline for submitting application will be the end of Super Bowl XLIX.

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