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2015 ANNUAL PFUFA REUNION -- VIP PACKAGE RAFFLE  (Proceeds to benefit the J. Babe Stearn Center). Thanks to the great suggestion made by Ted “TedKat” Currier (PFUFA Class of 2008), Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association has created our first “On-Line Raffle!”  Now through midnight on May 15th, 2015, enter for your chance to win a PFUFA Reunion VIP Package consisting of the following:


2 night hotel stay at the Comfort Inn (Standard room/limit 2 people) - 2 Timken Grand Parade Bleacher Seat Tickets - 2 PFUFA Induction Ceremony and Awards Breakfast Tickets - 2 seats on the PFUFA shuttle for the entire PFUFA Reunion weekend - 2 Hospitality Room passes valid for the entire PFUFA weekend. Please direct any questions, to Cindy Ricci (“Purple Dame”) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  (click to read more)


Issues, please email:

  • 2014-11 - Oakland Meat

    PFUFA in the 2014 Season


    Jerry Warren (Raider Jerry) [2011], Catherine Highland (Bronco Babe) [2014], Elvin DeVorss (Broncnator) [2012], Shea Ohlott (Skulls) [2014], Ron Rickard (Raider Ron) [2002], and Kirk Bronsord (Kingsford Kirk) [2009] enjoy a great day for football, great friends and fans, and yes, the meat.

  • 2014-10 - Madden Cover

    PFUFA in the 2014 NFL Season


    Cover shot!!  Christie Lopez (Huly) [Class of 2012], Paul Gates (Bernie Hawk) [Class of 2008], and Chris Lopez (Pez) attempt to overcome the Madden curse.  From the ugly game that ensued, not sure they were able to.

  • 2014-10 - Lions and Bills

    PFUFA in the 2014 NFL Season


    Beauties and the Beasts.  Ron Crachiola (Crackman) [2001], Ken Johnson (Pinto Ron) [2011], Joanie DeKoker [2003], Donald Stefanski (The Yooperman) [2008], Edwin Griswold (Grizz) [2014], and Gregg Huggins (Captian Buffalo) [2013] are surrounded by Detroit Pride Cheerleaders.

  • 2014-10 - Halloween

    PFUFA in the 2014 NFL Season


    Happy Halloween from the Big Easy!!  Glen Allen (First Down Glen) [Class of 2010], Candice Chifici (Go Go Saints) [Class of 2008], and Steve Tate (the Owner) [Class of 2009] take time the night before the game to play dress up. (You may not be able to recognize Steve, but that is him on the right.)

  • 2015-01 - Wildcard Weekend

    PFUFA during Wildcard Weekend


    Donald Vess (Cowboy Warrior) [Class of 2014] and Ron Crachiola (Crackman) [Class of 2001] enjoy a great day for football at ATT Stadium (Jerry's World).  It was a great game.  However, it was a tough ending, and even a tougher hug to watch.

  • 2015-02 - Bolt Pride and Perez

    PFUFA in the 2015 Off Season


    In Old Sacramento with Ray Perez [Class of 2014] and Rafael Alvarez (Bolt Pride) [Class of 2013].  A great way to 'kick off' the off season.  Great pic!

  • 2014-09 - Billy K and Gotti Raider

    PFUFA in the 2014 Off Season


    Bill Kyrkostas (Wing Commander) [Class 2004] and Barbara Scaramuzzo (Godmother Gotti Raider) [Class of 2010] enjoy breakfast at Denny's. Everyone loves Denny's. You enjoy the grease, and we'll enjoy you showing those coins.

  • 2014-10 - WTB and Cheese Free

    PFUFA in the 2014 NFL Season


    Just another great weekend of football.  Derek Fournier (Old School) [Class of 2012], Syd Davy (100% Cheese Free) [Class of 2014], and Cheryl Stewart (Spent) [Class of 2013] show off their coins.  You just cannot go wrong with sunshine, facepaint, and creamsicles.  Great picture.


Harry Troutt was inducted into PFUFA in 2003, was honored by the "Visa Hall of Fans" as San Francisco 49ers ultimate fan in 2002, and was inducted into our Ring of Honor in 2013.  Through 50 faithful years, players and coaches and others throughout the 49ers organization came to treat Troutt and Kitten as family.  They went to all five Super Bowl wins, he served 3 times as president of a San Francisco 49ers boosters club, and he dressed himself and his Santa Rosa mobile home in red and gold.


Harry and Kitten were always together.  Even until (...more)

The one question that is asked more than any other  is, “How can I join your organization?


Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association (PFUFA)  does not accept 'volunteers.’  Our organization was founded by fans that were chosen and inducted into the Visa “Hall of Fans” in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Since then, we have set ourselves apart from other fan organizations by limiting our membership.  In 2007, the we decided to change the By-Laws of our organization and the PFUFA Draft was established.  The Inaugural PFUFA Draft was held (...more)

PFUFA Reunion





The REVIEW Phase has begun.


All draft applications will now be reviewed, all draftees will be interviewed, and a vote of the Membership Committee will take place per our By Laws.


If you have any questions or concerns, you ca contact our Membership Officer, Steve Tate (

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