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Volume:  3,  Issue:  51

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Fact #6:  In 1960, the Baltimore Colts were the first professional football team to have their own cheer leading squad.  Currently, there are 6 teams without cheer leaders: the Giants, Bears, Lions, Packers, Steelers, and Browns.

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History of PFUFA


In 1999, Visa in conjunction with the Pro Football Hall Of Fame sponsored a new promotion called the Visa Hall of Fans award.  The charge card company, working through a select committee, would pick one fan from every NFL team to represent their team in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.  A special display in the Hall was created and each selected fan was inducted into "Hall of Fans."  (To see a list of selected fans, click here.)


To be selected, fans, or a third party, would submit a short essay explaining why the fan should represent their respective teams in the Hall of Fans.  The selection committee would then review essay and select the best fan for each team.  Fans and teams would then be notified, after which, most fans were honored "on the field" of a home game.


In January 1999, the first class was selected and the 31 winners were brought to the Hall of Fame for a ceremony.  The media was on hand for the presentations.  During subsequent class selections, fans were inducted in the same manner, but had to provide their own transportation to the Hall.


During that first class, the recipients enjoyed themselves and each other so much that the Kansas City Chief's winner, Monte "Arrowman" Short and his wife Stacie, came up with the idea of having a yearly reunion of the Visa winners along with the newest winners selected each year.  Monte and his wife also began a quest to get the PFUFA into the annual parade held during Hall of Fame enshrinement weekend in Canton every August.  The parade marches through Canton and has over 150,000 people attending the sidelines.  Hometown Health Network of Canton agreed to promote the fans, and the 12th Man float was born.


Of that first class, 22 fans came back in August for the first reunion.  Once again, the fans enjoyed themselves and each other so much they decided to form a group honoring that "bound" between fans.  The group came up with a mission statement:  "TO PROMOTE THE FELLOWSHIP OF ALL FANS, ENCOURAGE SPORTSMANSHIP AND SUPPORT CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES" and named themselves:  PFUFA.


It was an obvious choice and Monte "Arrowman" Short was elected to serve as the group's first president and served for three years.  In 2002, Jerry Vecchia, a.k.a. "True Blue," was elected president and served for three years.  In 2005, Ron "Raider Ron" Rickard was elected president.  In 2006, Jeff "Pantherman" Pintea was elected and served for two years.  Danny Dillman a.k.a. "Sergeant Colt" was elected president in 2008 and served for two years.  In 2010, Candice Dillman (Go-Go) was elected as our president.


Since it's birth, PFUFA has become bigger, better, and more well-known than ever before.  Some of our most noteable fans are:  Barrel Man, Denver Broncos; the Hogettes, Washington Redskins; and of course, all of our other GREAT FANS!!


Unfortunately, in 2005, Visa ended its sponsorship of the "Hall of Fans" and the selection process was stopped.  At this time, no future selections are scheduled.  The Hall of Fame, however, has decided to remove the "Hall of Fans" and the room has become the Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Room.


In 2007, PFUFA embarked on a new era!!  Up to this time, PFUFA members could only come from selected fans of the "Hall of Fans."  As a result, PFUFA’s membership leveled off and actually began to recede.  However, at the 2007 Annual Business Meeting, this rule was changed.  PFUFA is now searching the stadiums of the NFL to find more great fans!!


We are looking for a few good fans.


Are you one of them?  If so, set yourself apart from the crowd, embody our motto, wear your pride for your team for all to see, show us great sportsmanship of all fans...  Do this, and we will find you.




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