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Volume:  3,  Issue:  51

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Fact #13:  Dan Marino's #13 jersey is retired at the University of Pittsburgh and the Miami Dolphins.  On Jan. 4, 1983, the LA Express made Marino the first draft pick in the history of the USFL.  He never played in the USFL, but played 17 years in the NFL.

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PFUFA Pickem Rules


Pickem Game

Past Winners of the PFUFA Pickem Game:

2008-2009 Pickem Game - Jeff Pintea (Pantherman)

2009-2010 Pickem Game - Adam Dillman (Darth Packer)

2010-2011 Pickem Game - Danny Dillman (Sergeant Colt)

2011-2012 Pickem Game - Danny Dillman (Sergeant Colt)

2012-2013 Pickem Game - Donald Stefanski (The Yooperman)

Is this your year?







Each year, since 2008, PFUFA has held an annual contest to see how good you are at predicting the winner of NFL games. This is unlike any other prediction games on the internet. This game will be played each week of the entire NFL Season and will be scored by week--with an overall ranking for the season being completed by totaling all weeks.


Each week will have a 'Prediction Page' for you to enter scores. Unlike other Pick em games, this game will be a little more difficult--but not for fanatical fans like us! You will pick the actual score of the game instead of just the winner. Any active PFUFA Member can participate. To begin, you will need to click on the '2013 Pickem' item in the Games menu above and will need to Register for the game. Simply click on the provided option and you will be automatically registered for the game.


Prediction Entry:

Predictions can only be entered through the PFUFA Pick em Menu and pages. Making predictions by email, phone etc. is not possible!


Cost of the Game:

There is now a $5.00 fee to play the PFUFA Pickem Game.  You can click here to pay the fee. If you begin to submit pick without paying, your picks will be held until the fee is paid.


Prediction Deadline:

Your predictions and changes can be made up until the start of the game. Once a game has started, that game will be closed and no changes will be accepted. ALL TIMES ARE ON EASTERN STANDARD TIME (That is the official time of our website, sorry for any inconvenience.)


Prediction Game Prize:

If you are the highest scoring participant at the end of the game (the last game predicted is the Super Bowl), you will have your dues automatically paid for upcoming year.  For the 2013-2014 season, the dues will be paid for 2014.


Scoring Model:

Points for the PFUFA Pick em Game will be awarded as such. You will receive 10 pts if you predict the correct score for the game. (To be a correct score, both team scores will need to be correct.) If you pick the winner (by entering a higher score for that team) but not the correct score, you will receive 1 pts.

Result Predicted Scores Points:

Predicted: 21:14 Actual - 21:14 10 - Correct pick
Predicted: 21:14 Actual - 21:17 1 - Score wrong, winner correct
Predicted: 21:14 Actual - 24:14 1 - Score wrong, winner correct
Predicted: 21:14 Actual - 34:10 1 - Score wrong, winner correct
Predicted: 21:14 Actual - 14:21 0 - Score wrong, winner wrong


Weekly Review:


Once a week has completed, you will be able to review your picks by selecting the current year's Pick 'em Game on the menu above see the individual weekly standings



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