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Everyone, we are now accepting PRE-ORDERS for our PFUFA Calendar.  It is an 18-month calendar that will go from August 2017 to December 2018.  The calendar will be divided into NFL divisions and you will be able to have all the active members for that division in one month.  The cost of the calendar is $20.00 per.


Additionally, active members will be able to "Dedicate a Date" within the PFUFA Calendar.  Each date you purchase can be used to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or another special occasion.  The cost for a each Dedicated Date is $20.00.  (There is more information for active members by clicking the image.)


You can click HERE to pre-order a calendar (if you are not an active member or logged in) --OR-- for active members, you can go to the PFUFA Store to pre-order a calendar or purchase a "Dedicated Date." 






Active Members, the following message is from Bolt Pride.  He is heading up the PFUFA Calendar initiative.




To: PFUFA team leaders for calendar photos

Dear friends,


Hope you and yours are well, and I hope that you continue to enjoy your 2016 season.


Update - we are still pending on your picture entry for the PFUFA calendar. All pictures are due by the close of the last weekend of the season (January 1). Please use your previously provided Dropbox folder to upload any picture or pictures that you wish to have considered for the 2017-2018 PFUFA calendar. If Dropbox does not work for you, you can also email your pictures directly to me for uploading.


Reminder - all pictures must meet the specifications provided below. Please let me know if you need any assistance or are experiencing difficulty in coordinating a group picture.


Thank you again for your support. We look forward to having all teams represented. Good luck in the final month of the season!


Bolt Pride
619 733 6834




Here are the specs for PFUFA calendar photos:


  • High Resolution (send file straight from the digital camera, please. Nothing from Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ web). Photos print at 300dpi.
  • Please, do NOT do any Photoshopping/editing/filters! Send the original files!
  • Final photo (when cropped/placed) will be roughly 4.25" tall x 11" wide
  • PFUFA members are requested to display their challenge coin
  • Photos of individuals can be sent and will be assembled into a team collage. PLEASE, make certain full body of individual is clearly visible in each photo (head to toe).
  • Photos taken with an iPhone or similar are OK.  However, please send the photo taken with the phone's camera (not a screenshot from the phone).
  • Make sure image/people are in FOCUS
  • No alcoholic labels/bottles, narcotics, or inappropriate gestures.
  • The PFUFA logo will be all over this calendar, so the rules apply. Represent the logo properly.
  • Any questions about photo specs can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The PFUFA team reps are:

         Lena Duda (Honey Bear)

         John Robinson (Big John)

         Joanie DeKoker (Best Bills Fan)

         Ken Castaneda (Bronco Ken)

         Bob Hostutler (Burnt River Bob)

         Tim Young (The Captain)

         Randall Earick (The Doc)

         Rafael Alvarez (Bolt Pride)

         Ty Rowton (Xfactor)

         Danny Dillman (Sergeant Colt)

         Melissa Kelly (Shelby)

         Marc Angelo (Norcal Dolfan)

         Shaun Young

         Tom Dunn (Fanbulance)

         Greg Scharfstein

         Billy Kay Kyrkostas Captain Jet

         Ron Crachiola (Crackman)

         Steve Tate (THE OWNER)

         Sheree Pintea (Ms. Purr)

         Kirk Bronsord (Kingsford Kirk)

         Karl Sides (Ram Man)

         Cindy Ricci (Purple Dame)

         Christie Lopez (Huly)

         Candice Chifici (Go Go)

         Brad Carter (Cannonball)

         Jaime Goins (STLRGRL)

         Steve Beckholt (Texans Ultimate Fan)

         Karen Kelley (Titanista)

         Syd Davy (100% Cheese Free)

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