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"We are Elite.  We are Different" 


Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association (PFUFA) was founded by honorees of the Visa "Hall of Fans."  PFUFA has a very good relationship with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as with the Canton Chamber of Commerce, and has a substantial role in the Hall of Fame weekend activities each year.  However, we are a completely separate and a completely independent entity.



The following video is one of the best history overviews for PFUFA.  It captures who we are and what we do.



This video was created by Norb Caoili (NorbCam) Class of 2017.



Welcome to our new History Library.  In the following pages, you will learn and experience a portion of our Illustrious (and Colorful) History.  You will see how we started in the midst of a credit card promotion; how we have grown, changed, and adapted our structure over time; and how from the beginning we adopted a Boys and Girls club in impoverished Canton, Ohio.  PFUFA, like any organization, has run the course of emotional highs and devastating lows.  Yet, we continue to fly our colors proudly, and expand our presence each year.



We have separated our History Library into chapters (webpages) that align with the term of the Office for our Presidents.  Thus far, we have had seven great ones.  Each one (Monte, Jerry, Ron, Jeff, Danny, Candice, and Karl) has lead us into a new and exciting era, and we have moved from our humble beginnings to one of the most recognized Fan Organizations in the world.



At the top of each page, you will notice links to take you to the next page, previous page, or back to the history overview.



We are happy and proud to share our history with you.  We hope you enjoy it and learn from it.  Here is an outline of our chapters and titles.  You can click on the Chapter Title to go directly to that chapter or can follow the link(s) at the top of each Library page:


Chapter One -     "Cards, Arrows, and Parade"


Chapter Two -     "Floozies and FANatical"


Chapter Three -  "The Autumn Wind..."


Chapter Four -    "It's Time for a Change"


Chapter Five -    "This is Your Membership Card..."


Chapter Six -      "A New Leader, A New Time"


Chapter Seven - "Back to Blocking and Tackling"


Chapter Eight -  "Second Star to the Right, and On Till Morning..."



The following is a short message from our Fifth President, Danny Dillman (Sergeant Colt) [Class of 2003] to all Past, Present, and Future Members of PFUFA, "You need to know this!  It important!"  We completely concur!!  (This video was recorded as he spoke at the Sunday Morning Breakfast during the 2016 Annual PFUFA Reunion.)   






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