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Daniel Sachar (Hardcore) was inducted into our organization in the Class of 2004, was honored by the "Visa Hall of Fans" as the Oakland Raiders Ultimate Fan of 2003, and was inducted into the Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association "Ring of Honor" in 2008. 


The population of Oakland, California is approximately 399,484.  When the news came that Daniel C. "Hardcore" Sachar had passed away, the population shrunk to one-at least for the Raider Nation.  As news spread throughout the Nation, the only person the mattered was "Hardcore"--the rest of Oakland's populace unexpectedly seemed inconsequential.


Daniel was killed on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 on Highway 101 in Redwood City, California.  He was involved in a minor collision with two other vehicles.  Shortly after, he began to push one of the cars involved in the accident out of one of the highway's traffic lanes.  It was during this assistance that he was struck and killed by a another vehicle.


Daniel lived his life with the motto:  "Just living out a dream, while following my team."  "Following" was an understatement.  The man behind the infamous number "77" was the Coliseum's heroic gladiator at home games and their brave journeyman away from the stadium.  Behind the face paint and the rough exterior of "Hardcore," however, was a wonderful man and a gentle giant.


Hardcore was only able to attend two annual reunions, but in the time he spent with our organization was memorable.  He helped whenever and with whatever he could.  He made a substantial impact in a short period of time.  At the time of his death, many in the organization were thinking of him running for office.


If you really knew Daniel, the only thing "hardcore" about him was his love for the Oakland Raiders (the management, the coaches, the players, and his fellow fans) and being a member of PFUFA.


"The Autumn wind is a Raider, pillaging just for fun, he'll knock you 'round and upside down, and laugh when he's conquered and won."






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